Warrior Pro Trading [Worth 5000$+]

This collection includes all the best trading courses of Warrior Pro Trading:

  • Warrior Trading – Starter Course
  • Warrior Trading – Day Trading Course
  • Warrior Trading – Swing Trading Course
  • Warrior Trading – Options Swing Trading Course
  • Warrior Trading – Large Cap Day Trading Course
  • Warri Trading – Mentor Sessions
  • Warrior Trading – Cryptocurrency Trading Course
  • Warrior Trading – Trading In an IRA

The process of becoming a Trader

  • Learn the terminology.
  • Learn the core concepts.
  • Learn a trading strategy.
  • Learn advanced concepts & how to use the best tools
  • Write a Trading Plan
  • Begin trading your planned strategy in a trading simulator.
  • Review your simulated trading metrics.
  • Begin trading with real money only once you have proven you can be profitable in a simulator.

What do Traders need in a broker?

  • Fast Executions
  • Reliable and Stable Desktop Trading Software (web based and mobile software is historical unreliable)
  • Direct Access Routing (ability to choose how your order is send to the exchange)
  • Hot Keys (ability to send orders by simply pressing buttons on your keyboard, for example Control+1 to buy 1k shares)
  • Discounted Commissions (since we trade 5-1 Ox per day, we need a discounted commission)

Source Link: https://www.warriortrading.com/

Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19UWH-2Nk5VObjuas5697_9wl3HXCpat5?usp=sharing

Mega: https://mega.nz/folder/cNdEABzA#t7n4kVxaZ6TBqgYyybl0Dg

Jonny Richards

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